Instagram:  @ayeedeguzman

Instagram:  @ayeedeguzman

   I HAD THE CHANCE to catch up to my young friend & customer, Ahmad DeGuzman at the MM San Mateo shop. We spoke about his experience on his success on winning the Men's Physique Overall at the 2015 Governor's Cup last month in Sacramento.  Let me first mention about Ahmad is that he's only 20 years old and has already mustered up a few competitions under his belt.  What I admire about young athletes like Ahmad is that when I was 20 years old, I had no intention on competing on a stage because I thought I was too young and too inexperienced.  

Ahmad received additional guidance from Max Muscle and also MMSF staff member, Alex Milan on posing and extra advice on peaking before a contest.

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   I find it strikingly courageous for individuals as young as he, to step forward in life and making a commitment to challenge himself in making a goal, reality.  On top of prepping for a show, he's also a full time student and has a part-time job so there's not much extra room for wasted time.  So instead of writing up a blog, I've decided to also film it and make some short clips out of it.  Thank you Ahmad for the interview.  

~Jason M.