One of the more bizarre things I've encountered being in the health and nutrition industry so far has been — wait for it — a protein bar with CRICKETS as the core ingredient.

  I know, you might be thinking, "But why bugs?" Crickets have been claimed as one of our planet's most sustainable sources of protein. They require less water (one gallon to beef's 2,000) and produce 100 times less greenhouse gasses than cows.

  According to our source, Exo Protein, crickets are a complete protein source, made of 65 percent protein (compare that to an egg's 12 percent). They also note that crickets also contain 2.2 times more iron than spinach — which is already a lot to begin with. These little chirping insects are packed with nutrients.

  Cricket flour is exactly what you're thinking: baked, blended bugs made into a grainy powder, similar to a traditional flour. It can be used in numerous foods for consumption, but a popular choice has been protein bars.

  Insects are on the menu, so to speak, in so many cultures around the world — 80 percent of the world, Exo reported. So now the question is, will you try it?