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Kai Greene is one of a kind. With his astounding package of thick mass, muscle, density, deep separation and truly masterful posing presentation, Kai is a living sculpture of a champion. Kai is an amazing bodybuilder and a mysterious figure, full of surprises. Kai is also the odds-on favorite to win this year’s Arnold Classic, which would mark a triumphant return for Kai, who hasn’t competed since 2014. Kai Greene is a bodybuilder who continues to amaze his fans. He’s shocked us before; will he do it again?

This special collector’s issue of MD is our annual Arnold Classic Preview, with exclusive commentary from industry legends. In “How I See It” column this month former Arnold Classic champion Shawn Ray, six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates and two-time Arnold Classic champion Kevin Levrone answer the question, “Will Kai Win the Arnold?”

[video 4 of 5] When baby talk gets underneath the skin of the champ 👶😡

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This Year's Olympia Press Conference minus Kai probably won't be as entertaining as last year's 😑

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In 1989, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer staged the first-ever Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. This coming March 7, the 27th edition of a contest that, in prestige, is second only to the Olympia will take place. Back in 1989, the event was a one-day affair, consisting of two contests: The Arnold Classic for men and the Ms. International for female bodybuilders, with a total of 30 invited competitors. Over the years the extravaganza has morphed into the five-day Arnold Sports Festival, which now features over 50 different sports and 18,000 athletes, with 200,00 attendees visiting over 900 booths at the Expo, plus the globalization of the event.

With the 2016 Arnold Classic on the Horizon, bodybuilding historian Peter McGough gives us a whirlwind guide to the first 27 renditions of Arnold Classic in “Classic Memories.” Peter shares some personal and colorful memories of the event’s history as only the incomparable Peter McGough can do, exclusively in MD.

Kai Greene has his own special outlook on training. Much of his thoughts and opinions on the subject veer far from the standard types of replies you have heard and read from other IFBB pros. In “Kai’s Top 10 Training Tips of All Time!” He offers 10 pearls of training wisdom for you to contemplate and integrate into your own workouts. Victor Martinez and Juan Morel are the two best Domincan-American bodybuilders ever. They are good friends, are both native New Yorkers and Juan will be competing in this year’s Arnold Classic. Both Men have spectacular physiques, with some strong points in common. Two muscle groups that Victor and Juan both share elite-level development in are their melon delts and wide, rugged backs. MD caught up with them for a workout in “Double Dynamite! Victor Martinez and Juan Morel Blast Shoulders and Back.”

Once Kai Greene formally announced that he would be competing in the 2016 Arnold Classic, some people thought that Arnold and Jim Lorimer might as well just make out the first-prize check to him. Kai has won it twice before, as has last year’s runner-up who will be stomping onstage in Columbus, Branch Warren. But most fans seem to be forgetting about the third-place finalist at both last year’s Arnold Classic and Arnold Classic Australia, who hasn’t competed since – Justin Compton, who is making very steady improvements every contest season. From 2008 to 2015, the man gained 60 pounds of pure muscle! Learn more about his mass appeal that could amount to a huge roadblock for Kai in “Justin Compton: Under Construction – Forging His Path From Kentucky to Columbus.”

“We made a decision a few years ago to go every continent. It was a very conscious decision and I think it was a great decision. Now we are basically just supplying the demand,” Arnold Schwarzenegger said of the global expansion of the Arnold Classic. In “Expansion Complete!!! Asia Completes Arnold’s Six-Continent Crusade,” an MD Exclusive Report, Arnold and Jim Lorimer talk about their hard work and success in one of the most ambitious expansion projects in the history of organized athletic competition – a family of events positioned to attract as many as 1 million visitors each year.