HIGH-QUALITY PROTEIN is the key to building and maintaining lean muscle, supporting a healthy body composition, and fueling fat loss.  Protein is the nutrient backbone for all muscle growth and recovery, and also supports the integrity and health of all boy tissues.  Active individuals require more high-quality protein for optimal performance and recovery.

  Athletes, bodybuilders, and active individuals know that high-quality protein is critical for muscle growth and repair.  Without sufficient protein there can be NO GROWTH!  In fact, without enoght protein, in the absence of sufficient calories, the body will utilize muscle and body proteins as a source of stored energy, and actually bfreak down lean tissue.  So, how much protein is enough?

  It's generally accepted that hard training athletes require at least 1 to 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight (this is the generally accepted MINIMUM - many bodybuilders and strength athletes, as well as weight-loss enthusiasts may, in fact, utilize much greater amounts of proteins).  Unlike carbohydrates or fats, the body cannot store extra proteins, which means we must continue to ingest them on an ongoing basis to keep our muscles healthy and growing.  Supplementing with a high-quality protin powder is a good way to ensure sufficient intake of protein.


  Since the body cannot store extra protein and is only able to absorb and utilize a limited quantity of protein at any particular time, we must ingest protein almost continuously.  This could mean a lot of eating!

  Eating small, frequent, protein-rich meals from a variety of sources and emphasizing lean, animal-source protein is a good way to go.  Varying the sources of protein we weat will inrease the likelihood that we are consuming sufficient quantitities of each of the essential amino aids nesessary for helathy muscle growth and repair.

  Supplementation with the right types of protein can ensure sufficient intake of all the necessary amino acids for optimal muscle health, growth, and repair.  By supplementintg with specific protein suppleenetns, we can almost guarantee that we are getting everthing we need to nourish, prtect, and support the growth of our muslce tissue.  And in the post-workout phase, this becores even more critical to optimize your training efforts.


By combining multiple sources of protein, such as the supplemental sources shown above, we can ensure a complete spectrum of all the necessary amino acids, including the muscle building Branched Chain Amino Acids. (BCAA's).