I'VE BEEN extremely happy with how I'm progressing with Abe's coaching & along with the nutrition and supplement guidance from my Max Muscle fam.  Abe recently told me that I cracked the top 50 on #powerlifterswatch ; ranked 37th in my weight class (165lbs) with a total of 1,444lbs and my squat is ranked 38th!  Let's see if I can move up in ranking on my 2nd meet on August 29th in San Jose.  Will keep you posted on the progress!


  My supplement stack has been the same usage since I've been working for Max Muscle San Francisco (Castro) a few years back.  Since transitioning from bodybuilding to powerlifting about a year ago, I was introduced with two new cutting-edge products from Max Muscle that I felt would accelerate and enhance my performance in powerlifting.  After engulfing myself with understanding the research on these cutting-edge products - I had to test out myself to find out.  "Wow!", is all I have to say.  The strength coming from the MaxxTOR is the 1st thing I noticed along with the recovery of my body while keeping fairly in-check with my weight.  (Have to consume much more calories in powerlifting versus bodybuilding offseason).  The MiTOR I can definitely feel my heart rate getting back to normal between sets more quickly for better power and explosion.  

These two have been the game-changers and I highly recommend you guys testing it out yourselves.  I'm about research and science and don't get fooled on fancy labels and marketing in the magazines.  Do your research - that's why we always try to put the science out there in videos and posts so everybody can learn.  The other supplements I currently use are:

  If you want to give the MaxxTOR + MiTOR stack a try, just mention my name and you'll automatically get 20% off your purchase.  If you want to add more to these two, for every 3rd product and more - it's 30% off extra!  Just mention "MIKE'S STACK" 

Thanks again for reading - I love what I do and helping others succeed in fitness is fun!  

~Mike  MMSF (Castro)

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