Max A.R.M. (Anabolic Recovery Matrix)

Max A.R.M. (Anabolic recovery matrix), was created to be the ultimate post-workout formula and provides complete nutritional support to maximize protein synthesis, restore fluid and electrolyte levels, replenish glycogen, and speed up muscle recovery and repair so you're ready for your next workout.  

Each serving provides 28 grams of high-quality whey protein isolates and whey protein concentrates as well as a propriety blend of creatine, glutamine, carbohydrates to maximize absorption, BCAAs, antioxidants, and more.

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Scott Cavadini, 31, a customer at Max Muscle, loves A.R.M. “I am a distance runner who, during training, runs 50-70 miles per week at varying intensities,” he said. “After every run, whether it is an easy paced run, track repeats, or 20+ mile long runs, I immediately have two scoops of ARM as soon as I get done.  ARM helps fuel my body and helps rebuild the stressed muscles.” Scott said ARM helps cutdown on any soreness he used to encounter after long or taxing runs and helped him maintain his mileage and minimize off days. “It definitely allows me to push my training harder than ever before,” he said. “I will never run without ARM again.”


As men age, a reduction in natural testosterone levels is inevitable.  Some of the effects of reduced testosterone include lack of motivation, slower recovery, loss of sexual drive, and weight gain.  

2TX works by stimulating natural testosterone levels, freeing up bound testosterone, desensitizing androgen receptors, and blocking estrogen.  The net result is an improvement in the ratio of testosterone to estrogen in the bloodstream.  2TX is not a drug. It is a natural testosterone amplifier, and you don’t have to worry about testosterone levels increasing beyond what you would produce as normal, healthy adult. “Increased energy, faster recovery, feeling more upbeat, and improved motivation are just some of the benefits men feel when they start taking this product,” 

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MaxxTOR is a revolutionary product that clinical studies have shown is able to increase strength and lean body mass while significantly reducing fat.

MaxxTOR contains a key patented ingredient called Mediator Phosphatidic Acid.  It is a fatty acid compound that has very strong science showing it stimulates muscle protein synthesis. Every cell in our body contains a fatty acid layer so this product would be well assimilated whether you are a man, woman, or a young athlete.

MaxxTOR works by turning on the muscle-building receptors called the mTOR pathway.  Taking MaxxTOR while doing resistance exercise to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and taking adequate protein will maximize strength and lean mass.  MaxxTOR is for anyone who wants to maximize their efforts in the gym.

Christy Park, 41, owner of Phoenix Fitness in Corona, CA had this to say: “The women of Phoenix Fitness have made Max Muscle their go-to nutrition shop. Not only do they love the variety of proteins available, but they have made Max Nitro 2 and MaxxTOR a necessity for their workout regimen. These products allow them to go full ‘beastmode’ and get the most out of their workouts.”

Krista Hanson, 32, of Emeryville, CA, a Max Muscle sponsored athlete loves the benefits of MaxxTOR. “This is one product I can’t live without,” she said. “I have made impressive gains in muscle size all while keeping my body fat low. This is one product I highly recommend!”

FBX 2.0 

This second generation FBX product is a great pre-workout supplement with well-tested and researched performance-enhancing ingredients. The formula includes 1.5 grams of AGMass (agmatine sulfate), (or AGMass), 3.2 grams of CarnoSyn (beta-alanine) (as CarnoSyn) and 2.5 grams of Creapure, an ultrapure creatine monohydrate recognized worldwide for its purity, quality, safety, and effectiveness.

June special - Buy a.r.m. get any max muscle pre workout = 50% OFF!

Nic Steffl, 22, a customer at Max Muscle, NE has been using FBX 2.0 as his pre-workout of choice for more than four years. “As a competitive powerlifter, each training session requires a high level of intensity and focus, which may be difficult to achieve each and every workout, Steffl said. “However, with FBX 2.0, I quickly feel energized after I take it, which allows me to push my body to new limits more frequently. As someone who is skeptical about many supplements on the market today, it’s comforting to know that FBX 2.0 is a product driven by scientific results, delivering the most effective and extensively researched ingredients with each serving. This is a winning formula, and I recommend you give it a try if you’re interested in becoming stronger, faster, and smarter about your training.”

Steffl competes in the USAPL, the largest drug-free powerlifting federation in the United States. As a raw powerlifter (only a belt allowed), Nic currently squats 585 lbs., bench presses 340 lbs., and deadlifts 685 lbs. To date, he has qualified and competed in five national powerlifting competitions, winning the USAPL Raw National Title in 2014 for his age and weight division. He holds 12 state records, and will be competing once again at this year’s National Powerlifting Championship.

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If you’re looking for a high-stimulant, extreme pre-workout formula with carefully-selected, high-quality ingredients, stimoVEX is for you.

stimoVEX includes Setria Performance Blend (Patent Pending), l-glutathione, l-citrulline, CarnoSyn (beta-alanine), AlphaSize Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC), BioPerine, beet root powder, caffeine, l-arginine, yohimbine, and hordenine.

June special - Buy a.r.m. get any max muscle pre workout = 50% OFF!

A-GPC increases acetylcholine levels in the brain to keep you focused and sharp while delaying mental fatigue for “mind-to-muscle” benefits. The caffeine, yohimbine, and hordenine provide a strong stimulant effect and help you torch fat. The addition of BioPerine increases absorption of this powerful combination of ingredients.

Nesha Ward, 43, a nutrition coach and Team Max Athlete had heard a lot about stimoVEX and recently picked some up from max muscle. “stimoVEX helped me drive through my exercises. I was energized, and it gave me a sweet pump for my leg-day workout! I also had an amazing rush of power and stamina to push through the training session without that horrible crash and burn feeling! I recommend this to those individuals looking for endurance, energy and focus while working out.”

Use Discount promo code:  mmsanmateo5

Use Discount promo code:  mmsanmateo5