What is this recently banned DMAA ingredient that were in many pre-workouts just recently?  Narrated by Dr. William Harvey - Chief Science Officer Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

  MAX MUSCLE'S INTEGRITY TO KEEP SAFETY & QUALITY AS PART OF OUR MISSION STATEMENT CORE is to engineer products, like pre-workouts that will also comply with NCAA & Olympic Standard Drug Testing.  It seems like every new pre-workout that hits todays shelves these days are ingredients we can't even pronounce and are long enough where we lose track on how to even spell it out... Yet, we still somehow find trust in convincing ourselves maybe the fancy labeling, the catchy phrase slogan or even the sponsored social media so called overnight fit-expert told you so.  Perhaps now we're convinced we must have this and we HOPE that we get better strength in the gym or that fit body like Social Media guy/gal you are wanting to achieve to get results like...um... them.   'Hoping' never got me anywhere in life.  Clarity is key, and we do our best to help answer some of these tough questions with science & research. It certainly is tempting to make quick money, FAST!  So why does Max Muscle choose NOT to go the quick buck route?  Because we care about your health & OUR REPUTATION AS BEING A COMPANY YOU AND YOUR FAMILY CAN TRUST.  WE'RE not really much on the INSTANT MONEY GRATIFICATION SWEEPSTAKES, AND THAT .... 'HOPE' thing I MENTIONED TOO... LOL