THE NEW YEAR has had a chance to sink in for a bit, and what better way to celebrate the season of resolutions than with a supplement spotlight on natural weight loss? Hopefully you are still on track with your health and fitness goals this year, but however you’ve managed your progress thus far, you may consider introducing yourself to the hottest natural fat loss agent: Max LiquiCarn.  “Max LiquiCarn is awesome!  I had tried other brands, but none gave me the results that just one bottle of LiquiCarn did,” proclaims satisfied customer Amy Lee of Los Alamitos, CA.  With a plethora of satisfied customers giving rave reviews like Amy’s, it’s time to delve into what the buzz is about, and find out whether it’s a good idea to believe the hype!

Within the first week of taking Max LiquiCarn, I noticed my energy level had increased significantly

What Is It?

 Max LiquiCarn is the premier L-Carnitine entrant on the market – a tasty, liquid fat loss agent with energy benefits to boot!  Max LiquiCarn was developed as the entrant from the team at MMSN in the fast-growing L-Carnitine category, catering to the need for natural yet effective fat loss.  Delivered in a liquid format and containing more than 60 potent servings, Max LiquiCarn has been a staple of the Max Muscle family for some time.  This convenient, powerful formula is a mainstay in any comprehensive weight loss system.

How Does It Work?

Sarah Chang, San Francisco, CA

Sarah Chang, San Francisco, CA

 L-Carnitine is widely distributed in most tissues of the body, but highly concentrated in skeletal and cardiac muscle tissues (97 percent).  Fat and carbohydrates are the primary fuels utilized to meet the energy demands during exercise.  Above all, L-carnitine is absolutely essential for all fat metabolism to take place in the cells.  In terms of function and process, it plays a critical role in transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria, or the “furnace of the cells,” for fat burning to produce energy.  This sequence is called oxidation, and also helps prevent fatty-acid buildup and fat stores in addition to maintaining healthy blood triglyceride levels.  L-Carnitine and its precursors, lysine and methionine, in addition to vitamin C (ascorbic acid), make it possible to increase energy while burning fat.  Max LiquiCarn will help maintain peak L-Carnitine levels in those body tissues having a high demand for energy such as skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle.  The University of Maryland has logged numerous studies citing the benefits of L-Carnitine, including, but not limited to, weight loss, exercise performance and heart health.  

 Client testimonials can speak just as well as the hard science.  Just ask Sarah Chang from San Francisco, who said, "Within the first week of taking Max LiquiCarn, I noticed my energy level had increased significantly, and by the end of my 12-week preparation, I dropped from 26 percent body fat to 12 percent.  For anyone looking for help to lose weight, I highly recommend adding Max LiquiCarn to your daily supplements!” 

How Do I Take It?

James hurst, san jose, ca

James hurst, san jose, ca

Max LiquiCarn is best taken 1 capful at a time, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.  On training days, it is recommended to take a second serving pre-exercise for added fat loss, energy, focus and performance benefits.  On non-training days, a second serving can be added in the afternoon to further results.  Furthermore, Max LiquiCarn’s non-stimulant formula lends itself to compliment any health and fitness regimen as well.  For weight loss specific goals, the product can be taken in conjunction with any MMSN proteins, Cleanse & Lean, Emerge, Max CLA, Java Red, Lipo Red, and more!  Additionally, the lemon taste blends well when added to fat-loss favorite, Emerge, to make a supreme weight-loss cocktail!  Before taking Max LiquiCarn on its own, or combined with any health regimen, it is best to consult a qualified health professional.

~matt cooper, max muscle marin