Once again, we're continuing our free nutrition workshop hosted by Jairo Linares & Ian Powers.  The classes range anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour with a 10 minute half-time break.  Once again this is FREE - so this is a great opportunity to show up and pick up some valuable nuggets of nutrition that can be applied right away.   This is about giving helpful advice and techniques if you've always had troubles understanding why losing weight has been such a difficult challenge.  Let us help make nutrition a bit more easy to understand.  

We can also help debunk some of fitness and nutrition trends that you may have.  We will also be talking about supplements and how it can be efficacious in conjunction to your busy lifestyle.

For More Information on FBX 2.0 -  CLICK HERE

For More Information on FBX 2.0 - CLICK HERE

We will have samples of our ever popular Emerge and our new FBX 2.0 pre workout available to sample out.

After the workshop, we will be having a "Lat Pull-Down" competition open to both men and women for prizes!  Hosted by Big Back Grips Company.

There will be at least 5 nutritional experts on hand, so take this opportunity and talk one-on-one on your personal fitness goals and let's see if we can help refine your fitness blueprint for success.

There are 20 open spots available for the nutrition workshop and each person needs to sign-up and register to reserve a seat.  If interested, please fill out the information below and we will email you back a confirmation reply.  Thank you and hope to see you here at Max Muscle San Mateo!  ~Jason Mayol

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