Here’s the deal: if you’re not fueling yourself properly, you could be wasting your time to a certain degree.

Why should you care? This means getting the results you want to achieve, be it peak health, fat loss, muscle gains, energy, athletic performance, vitality, anti-aging, and more! Getting the right nutrients means starting with a proper foundation a healthy diet provides. But it’s imperative to ensure you’re supplementing properly as well. Max Muscle Nutrition recommends the combination of A.R.M. and Pro BCAA to get this fuel and optimize your training!


  Taking amino acids during (or pre or post-workout) training sessions is akin to throwing gasoline on a fire. Sure, you can just get reps in at the gym … or you can OWN the workout itself. By supplementing with Pro BCAA, you are supplying your body with a steady stream of branched chain amino acids, which promotes muscle growth, recovery, nitrogen retention, all while supporting the reduction of fatigue, prolonging training sessions, and providing your muscles with essential building blocks. 

Pro BCAA by Max Muscle is a scientifically-based formula that provides the body with high-potency branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) in the ideal 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. The BCAAs (leucine, valine, and isoleucine) are known to be highly concentrated in muscles (35 percent) and have been shown to serve as important fuel sources for skeletal muscles during periods of high-intensity exercise. Users enjoy reduced recovery windows, meaning it takes less time for them to recoup and decreased training-induced soreness. 

One such customer is former professional basketball player, Gabriele Brusamarello, of Petaluma, CA, who shops at Max Muscle North Bay. “I love using these amino acids for recovery and muscle growth,” he says. “Or especially if I train fasted to act as a muscle sparing tool. It’s a staple of my nutritional regimen!”


  The science of recovery shows that there are three critical requirements for optimal muscle recovery and repair following an intense exercise session.

First, is the replacement of fluids and electrolytes. Second, is the rapid replenishment of muscle glycogen, and third is the replacement of amino acids to support the muscle rebuilding process and minimize muscle protein breakdown. A.RM. assists in supplying key ingredients that support all three critical requirements.

To support protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, each serving of A.R.M. delivers 28 grams (56 percent Daily Value) of the highest quality blend of whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC) available. To support glycogen stores, A.R.M. provides the ideal forms and amounts of carbohydrates to pack glycogen in muscles for maximum recovery. A.R.M. also supplies proper electrolytes, additional amino acids, and even creatine to boot. 


Nick Harrison, a natural bodybuilder, trainer, nutrition coach, and franchisee of Max Muscle Nutrition Pleasanton, recommends A.R.M. to his clients. “Most people hit a protein shake after they train and call it good,” says Harrison. “A.R.M. is truly a complete post-workout product. It really brings the body back to life after training.”


A.R.M. was not just made with the athlete in mind. In fact, it is an all-levels recovery supplement for both men and women. Anyone seeking optimal recovery from their workouts should be using the A.R.M. A.R.M. contains several vital ingredients for the body’s post-workout window and these ingredients can be expensive to buy separately. Even if you are just taking a few of the products separately, A.R.M. immediately becomes the most cost-effective solution for your post-workout needs! 


Return on investment is the right way to view your time spent in the gym. Ensure you’re not spinning your wheels and wasting valuable time by properly resting and fueling your body with the vital nutrients it needs.

By incorporating Pro BCAA and A.R.M., you are priming yourself with key recovery agents and factors for muscle growth!